1.1. Subject to Clause 1.4 below, no Product(s) shall be returned to the Seller unless :-
(a) The Product(s) in question is defective;
(b) The Customer has completed and filed a Request for Return Form (showing the order ID and other identifying numbers) with the Seller;
(c) The Product(s) sought to be returned by the Customer was ordered by the Customer via this Website, within 15 days prior to the date the Customer submitted a Request for Return Form;
(d) The Seller has notified the Customer by email that the Customer may return the Product(s) to the Seller;
(e) The Product(s) is returned in a clean and well packaged condition;
(f) No used or opened Product(s) will be accepted by the Seller, and
(g) The Customer returns the Product(s) at his/her own expense which will include any shipment charge or taxes.

1.2. Upon satisfactory return of the Product(s) to the Seller, replacement Product(s) will be shipped to the Customer if the Seller is satisfied that the Product(s) returned by the Customer is defective after suitable tests and inspections by the Seller. If replacement Product(s) is not available, a refund of store credit equivalent to product price only will be made to the Customer.

1.3. If the Seller is not satisfied that the returned Product(s) is defective, the Seller will deliver the returned Product(s) to the Customer at the Customer’s own cost.

1.4. Any Product(s), Skincare, body mist, cosmetics, lotion, healthcare so on available in the website that have already been opened, all forms of products are excluded from any return unless they are “faulty”. The Seller reserves full right to determine if something is faulty or not; the Customer has no say in this. Damaged packaging, box, labels and out of warranty or expired period products are also excluded from any return. The Seller shall have no responsibility regarding compatibility issues and it is for the Customer to ensure that his/her Product(s) suits them & compatible with their specific skin type as ordered. 1.5 Absolutely NO REFUND is available for used Product(s).